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As a long term resident of HK we knew exactly what we were after and Wilson and Unique Homes worked extremely patiently for over a year to get us what we wanted. At no time were we pressured and more importantly after everything was closed, at a time most agents simply disappear, Wilson remained around to help with some ongoing issues. Professional, diligent and great integrity at all times by Tom and Chai Hall
"We had a thoroughly enjoyable experience dealing with Unique Home, in particular Wilson, when recently moving house on the Southside. Wilson understood what we wanted, found the ideal home before it got onto the market, negotiated very effectively on our behalf with the landlord and was extremely diligent in following up after the lease was signed. Wilson was professional and courteous throughout. We would have no hesitation in recommending him to others." by David & Amanda Irvine
"After 7 years in Hong Kong, our family just moved to a new home on the South side. We were lucky to find Wilson to help us in the process: he has lots of experience so the landlords trust him. Wilson knows how obtain what tenants want (fair price / renovations) while gently advising against the more un-reasonable demands that would only anger landlords and cause conflict. Wilson managed the whole process efficiently and professionally and made sure that that we did not regret our move." by Nicolas de Mascarel
"Unique Home was very responsive- quickly and completely answering our requests. In particular, we appreciated that they really looked out for us during negotiations. They negotiated extremely well, completing a deal with our landlord that was beyond our expectations." by Coleen Bryant
"Excellent intercultural sensitivity, reliable and punctual like a Swiss watch, skilful negotiator and very flexible" by Frank Eggmann
"Our family recently moved from Bangkok to Hong Kong. Unique Home helped us find our apartment and in the process was professional, courteous, patient, always available, honest, knowledgeable, helpful and sympathetic with our relocation emotions. When it came to negotiating on our behalf for an apartment in very high demand, they managed to secure the apartment for us reflecting his excellent relationships with owners. We are very grateful to Unique Home and would recommend him to any person looking for a new home. " by Krista and Michael Sagild
"Our experience with Wilson, as our agent, was very positive. I had been using the "Unique Home" website for months before actually calling him. I found it to be easy to navigate and very informative. When finally meeting up, with Wilson, and discussing our desires as a family, he was careful to show me only the flats that fit our needs. The transaction between the landlord and ourselves went very smoothly thanks to Wilson's knowledge of the market and professional attitude." by Kim & Bill Wade
"Unique Home and, more importantly, Wilson have proved invaluable when not only renting but also buying a property in Hong Kong. The personal service he offered was gratefully appreciated and Wilson truly understood our needs. Unlike many agents in HK he did not overwhelm us with unnecessary viewings or properties which clearly did not fit our criteria. Wilson has great relationships with many landlords, an advantage for all involved and a true reflection of his professionalism and dedication to his career as an agent". by Belinda & Tim Stiles
"Unique Home found us the perfect home for our arrival in Hong Kong. Their advice and diligent service was second to none. Their intimate knowledge of the market was extremely valuable as the house we chose wasn't advertised on the open market. Even after their duties were legitimately complete they made themselves available to help resolve minor issues that cropped up. We found them to be totally reliable and based on our experience we have no hesitation recommending his services." by Kate & David Juxon
"I found Unique Home by coincidence when I was looking for a new home in the southside. Their professionalism, along with their ability to understand client needs are second to none. They were also able to negotiate the finer details of my lease and continues to be of tremendous help throughout the tenancy. I have no hesitation in recommending Unique Home" by Hema Prakash-Chishty
"We have several times relocated to Hong Kong. Unique home has every time found our new nest, in the desired location and to the right budget. In additional they have had all times been available post signature to liaise with landlord etc. We highly recommend Unique Home." by Penelope & Kenneth Sorensen
"We would like to say a big thank you to Unique homes, especially Wilson, who assisted us over an extended period of time to find a new home that met our family needs. We spent over a year on this process during which we viewed many options, Wilson was always there to assist us. " by Shirley & Russell Davie
"We would like to thank the team at Unique Home for very detailed and diligent work over an extended period of time to secure us a great new home at a fair price, with all the improvements we wanted sorted out clearly and effectively - we have no hesitation in recommending the team." by Kim & Michael Buchanan
"My wife and I were very happy the service & professional from Unique Home. They found us the prefect house for our family in Tai Tam." by Dominic Sherry
"The most trusted and reliable real estate agent in HK" by Sandeep Sekhri
"Patient, available and attentive to our requests" by James Whitecross
"They have been very helpful and very efficient in finding a home for us. Thank you!" by Fiona Jones