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Unique Home Limited is an exceptional realtor providing top level one-stop services in property market for all expatriate around the world. Being one of the leaders in this expatriate community for over last decade, we offer the highest level of quality professional service that include Leasing, Purchasing, Corporate Leasing Services, Relocation & Orientation.

Our company has been reform in 2012 from Bonds International Leasing Expert established in 1994 to Unique Home Limited, there has been no change in management and we will be providing the same fine service on which we have built our reputation in the industry.

Our focus has always been the needs of all expatriate in finding a new home in Hong Kong. Being a senior executive like you, we understand what your need. We specialist in unique property market include old colonial low rise, garden flat, town house, penthouse unit, apartment with big outside space or designer decorated unit.

Our promise to be your one stop agent. We only provide you with the right apartment after an initial assessment from what you need. We will definitely make life easier and your time in shopping around. After all, we will also provide you with after-sale assistance for your new home during the whole lease term. If you are interested in looking for a new home with us, simply fill out the inquiry form with your criteria and we will e-mail our selected listing to you shortly, or you can discuss directly with us at (852) 2880-0709.

Our success, however can only be measured by the truly remarkable service we bring to our customers. Your needs is always our priority and we will continually fine tune our services. As a consumer centric focus agent, we target to provide a full array of real estate related services including renting, buying, relocation service, lease re-negotiation & co-operate leasing service.

Our website only provides quality and unique apartment on the market, no need to waste your time to go through hundreds of listing, so act now.

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